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Best apk sites of download safe and secure apk free of cost no limitation, no ads, no sign-up all are free of cost. All the apk are virus-free and full reserve. The smartphone is getting a common device for the human day by day which plays a very important role in doing our different small tasks.

Top Best websites for APK Download

Allows us to do many things using just by using the application of smartphone that comes with it. But nowadays we visit Play Store For free downloading apps, but there is a reason to move another site for downloading is It offers a Paid app.

Let me give an example if our device does not have a built-in video player. So, instead of purchasing through the play store, you can try out these best free APK download websites below. We are discussing what APK and why I recommend installing it.

It is very easy to install any paid app for free just by downloading it from these given sites. APK stands for Android Package Kit and is used by the google play store for the distribution of the application. There are many best apk sites for free websites for downloading APK files but not all are safe.

top 5 best apk sites

The following are the recommended websites that are safe and also free.

  • APK Mirror

It is considered in the list of best apk site for downloading the APK is named as (APK Mirror). The reason why I keep 1st place? For this Website is that it is a totally free website for downloading safely without an error or virus. This site has almost every app available for downloading you looking for and keep updating for a new release Apps. The user interface for this website is very friendly and comfortable to read. It has a section of categories for (Video apps, Gaming apps, Social apps, multimedia apps, apps for kids, apps for young). It is the best free website for downloading APK’s. The every APK file that is issued for legal use is reviewed under High Policy.

This website has A Million downloads daily and users are still very happy! APK Mirror lets you download a ton of apps for free, and I am happy for that factor that it is totally free. Do you know? Apk mirror is run by the People in back an Android police, biggest android news websites. All apps are manually approved by the Android Police.

  •  APK 4fun

APK 4fun is strong and it is easy to use just as APK mirror. its also a best apk site. Like APK mirror it also has a million or tons of download. You can access easily which APK you need. And it also has a category in a manner like Top Downloads, Top uploads, Top New, in fact, Editors Choice, Collection, etc. It is legal to use in any manner. APK 4fun allows you to enjoy its full free services, and download any APK file without any Registration, it’s mean you don’t need any type of subscription. This site is also Malware and virus free just like APK mirror.

The users who complain about the slow downloading process is no more on this website. The fastest downloading speed and redirecting process, so you never get bore on this website. This website was released in 2019 and in very less time this website completely impress the APK lovers

  • APK Pure

Like Apk 4fun and APk Mirror, this site also has a thousand of users in daily routine. In APK pure the word Pure means the site with ample of various APK. This APK website has a clean environment for accessing various kinds of APK. APK Pure allows the users to download completely free apps and without any registration process. There is also a search option, which is used for searching muli apps. Updates are provided daily which is the attraction point by the users. Region lock issue is solved in this site, so Japanese who want to play American RPGs in their devices will have not to face the region lock problem.

The download and installation process here is much faster and easy than the Google Play store. Note I don’t blame Google Play store for Something. APK pure app allows their user for pre-registration which helps allot. When there a new app is launched it frequently notifies you for free download.

  • Android APK

Android APK is one of the most famous sites for its features it allows the user to use, it keeps the oldest APK files. The oldest apps that are available for older android versions. This website APK completely compete with your android, does not matter which android version use. This website also has a clean environment, the developer makes this website fully designed. The site always keeps updating the apps, that is a plus point. This site has its own app store which allows users to feel more comfortable in downloading the apps. Frankly, speaking, this site downloading process is a very simple and painless experience.

Android APK site is malware and virus free, feel free to search any app you want and download with one click. The database of these Safe APK is very much impressive, with their most popular download being YouTube, Vidmate, TV, and more. Visit now to check out their most amazing collection, search for apps in this site that other sites not providing.

  • Aptoide

Aptoide interface theme is very similar to the Play Store. But like the play store, Aptoide does not require any Google account for activation. It’s a great or safer choice for readymade apps like google play. In Google Play Store Apps are Paid, but in Aptoide apps are free to install which are paid in play store. I will give you an example of this process, Such as In Google Play Store (Gta Sanandreas is Available for 4.5$ but on the other hand, Aptoid Offers to download GTA San Andreas for free). The biggest difference you see is every app is free. You no need to care any limitation in Aptoide so download and install al that you desire complication.

best top apk sites


I hope this article helps you a lot. I mentioned all, Best apk Sites for Downloading APK. Feel free to click any of these Sites. These are Malware Free and easy to access.


Apk Providers provide the latest version apk. All the apk are totally safe. We will provide High-quality content to our reader and user. All the apps are legal to use everywhere the priority of our website to provide the knowledge and useful and safe apk for our users. Apk providers always provide you best apk with full of detailed knowledge.

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